Together at last, Durham Scratch Choir meet outside.

The choir met together for the first time since the Pandemic struck. The location was Wharton park, 2nd June, 7:00pm for a great sing and social distanced socialising.

Andy was wrapped up warm ready to start proceedings you wouldn't think it was Summer would you?

The evening was well attended I think there were 23 in all and everyone had a great time.

The song list was as follows...

HEADS (The music, that is. You might have word sheets):

You may not know all these, or think that you know them, but they'll soon come back, or be instantly learned.


Dance me to the end of love

Bring a little Water Sylvie

Wade in the Water



Mr Miller

Step by Step


Awuthule Ma

Gospel Medley (This ol' gospel train, I'm gonna sing, Swing low, When the saints)

SHEETS: Morena

Singing in the Rain

I am a river

Te Aroha

BLUE BOOK (2013): Joropo

Nkosi Sikalel'i


Santo Siahamba

Stand up now

Donna nobis

I want to be with you.

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